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Top tips for testing apps

With thousands of phones and devices on the market, knowing which ones to test against and which networks to test on can seem like a daunting task. If you are a company looking to have an app, but are not sure where to start with ensuring it works on various handsets, take a look at my top tips list:

  • Look at your market – are you specifically targeting iPhone and iPads? If so, you can focus your testing on these devices
  • Identify the top handsets on the market - If you want a good cross section of handsets to test against, identify the top 10 selling handsets on the market to focus on. This will ensure good coverage.
  • Are you targeting your app at certain countries? If so, pick the networks in your specific targeted countries. Different networks can behave differently.
  • Should you go in-house or outsource to get the testing done? There are many companies out there that have purchased thousands of handsets and they can do the testing against the devices you want, or they think are the best devices for what you are hoping to achieve. If you would prefer to test your app yourself, there are various applications that you can purchase for a reasonable price. These applications allow you to control and test against thousands of handsets over the internet, without having to physically purchase the actual handset!
  • Ensure test scripts are stored and created – like all other forms of testing, ensure that test scripts are created and stored in a central repository. This will allow you and others to see exactly what has been tested and what the results were.

Way back when, when we were deciding the best way to test apps that we were developing, we couldn’t decide whether it was easier to bring in a company who had the physical handsets, or test the handsets ourselves using a tool over the internet. We went with the latter and that has meant we now have good in-house skills, and can charge less than our competitors for our services as we don’t have to purchase physical handsets!

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