A fresh approach to IT

The technology at one of the country’s most revered cricket clubs needed reviving. Sussex County needed a fresh approach to IT, and that’s what we gave them. IT services...

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Built-in support

With their Integrated Broker Operating System (iBOS) deployed in 14 offices worldwide, Air Charter Service (ACS) need a support agreement that will ensure maximum system...

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Configured for success

Our configuration management skills were put to work as we created a virtualised test environment, avoiding downtime but providing the flexible computing power they needed.

Configured for success

The challenge

Our client needed to do more, with less. They wanted to create a new test environment and simultaneously migrate existing test environments to virtual machines in order to consolidate their hardware resources and decommission legacy hardware.

Knowing that development speed is often impaired by lack of effective configuration and infrastructure management, our client saw the value in having dedicated resources to address these challenges, leaving developers free to develop.

The solution

To create the new test environment, and in keeping with the client’s lean toward virtualisation, the solution was to virtualise an existing test environment. We used the P2V VMWare convertor and then customised the operating system configuration and application environment to create the new environment. The P2V VMWare convertor was then employed to virtualise each current test environment.

The result

The migrations were performed seamlessly in two stages, minimising downtime and impact on the test team, and also the development effort.

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