Configuration Management

Configuration management is all about making the most of your resources. Our consultants analyse your current environment and make recommendations that will improve your workflows, capacity and efficiency.

"Maximise gains from your existing technology investment – we’ll show you how."

Pushing all the right buttons

Repository management

With experience of all major version control systems, we can help you manage your assets and improve your development efficiency.

Release management

Our expertise is regularly deployed on all areas of release management, including build automation and Continuous Integration, release cycle management (and tagging and branching strategies) and documenting releases.


Our consultants can design, install and configure your test and integration environments. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of:

  • Windows/Unix/Linux
  • Web server products
  • Application server products


All of the above can be hosted by us. We provide the complete managed service including reliable secure remote access to code, defect tracking and test environments.

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