• Balsamiq Wireframe Image

    This Year’s Model

    Nick Phillips, Consultant Business Analyst at RDF Group, reviews the latest online modelling and wireframing...

  • Developing Google Glass Applications

    Here at RDF we have recently had the opportunity to develop a prototype Google Glass application for one of our...

  • Elyan C-Myste The Times Pucayune HT © 2013

    Agility mis-applied

    I have been working with a client who has recently taken a decision to embrace the Agile way of working. While they...

  • User Stories

    User Stories vs Use Cases

    User Stories and Use Cases have the same aim, to describe a system in sufficient detail for a programmer to develop...

  • Miscommunication

    Five Ways to Minimise Miscommunication Bugs

    All software contains some defects - it’s a fact of life. However, as an analyst, I find software bugs annoying,...

  • Java Logo

    Why Java?

    Java is a free and open sourced strongly typed object-oriented language and was released in 1996 by Sun...

  • Real world Agility

    Real World Agility

    Having worked under an Agile and Scrum process with a number of clients, it has become clear that, in the real...

  • Model Car

    The importance of (models) being earnest

    I recently heard the story of a software project gone awry at the company a colleague was contracting for.It turned...

  • Mendix Logo

    Model Driven Delivery reducing the time and cost of software development

    A model is a description of something that focuses on some aspects of interest and leaves out irrelevant ones. A...

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