Evolutionary Content Management System

Travelodge is the UK’s first budget hotel company, and became the first hotel company to make budget hotel rooms available to buy online in the UK, when it first launched its...

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Big Data Visualisation

Find out what happened when we combined our BIG data expertise with open data from Network Rail....

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New payment system

Park Group wanted an entirely new payment system, all of their own, in order to differentiate themselves in the savings and corporate rewards market. Our past record in...

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Scalable eCommerce

Northern Rock needed an eCommerce portal that could grow with their business and adapt to the changing needs of their web-connected customers. We delivered the application they...

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Chart topping app

How do you match pace with the relentless mobile commerce space? Our client had plans for a mobile application, but needed additional design, development and test resources in...

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Configured for success

Our configuration management skills were put to work as we created a virtualised test environment, avoiding downtime but providing the flexible computing power they needed....

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IlexPhoto Tool


Ilex Press wanted a small iPhone app to enable photographers to get the most out of their digital cameras. In addition, they wanted to be able to re-purpose existing editorial material to add value.

The challenge

The iPhone app had to be quick and easy to use, with a variety of tools enabling photographers to take great pictures. As photographers are mobile, the app needed to have all content stored locally so that a network connection was not needed.

The solution

A 4 in 1 photo tool set was needed which included:


Shooting Tips

How to produce the best photos for Landscape, Portrait, Action, Nature, Low Light and Bright Light scenes etc.



Calculate Near and Far focal limits based on Focal Length, Aperture and Focal Distance.



Calculate EV (Exposure Value) based on the Aperture, Shutter Speed or ISO.



An alphabetical list and explanation of digital photography concepts and terms.

Users with a Wi-Fi network connection could view latest news from Ilex press.

The Result

The app was developed and tested within approximately one month and is available from the Apple app store here

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