How We Work

Collaborative. Our consultants come to you, or you can spend time working alongside our teams. Either way, we’ll work together to achieve the best result for you.

Flexible. Our versatile and adaptable in-house teams can work within your processes, or suggest alternative strategies when you need them.

Agile. Our approach gives you frequent system deliveries and high visibility of our work, so you can always be assured that we are on track to deliver what you really need.

Proven process

Our core software development process is a mature, robust process for assuring software delivery using an incremental and iterative approach, based on an underlying set of best practices. We use the industry standard Unified Process (UP) as a guiding framework, customised to your specific project and environment needs. We also use the Scrum agile methodology, often establishing collaborative teams with your business and technical personnel.


We are the UK’s pioneer in the use of the Mendix Agile Business Platform. Our expertise with this platform allows us to deliver service-oriented, web-based applications to our clients in a fraction of traditional development cost and time.

IT recruitment

We provide a tailored IT recruitment service. If space, time or resource is an issue we can provide fully managed teams (off-site teams). Or we can deliver on-site teams via our hybrid product portfolio or software development and recruitment expertise. Alternatively, we offer a flexible resource pool; a consistently available ring-fenced team of contractors who know your systems.

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